Supply of the pill is falling for the fifth straight time as demand falls | Tech Reddy

Supply of the pill is falling for the fifth straight time as demand falls

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In the quarter ended in September, tablet shipments decreased by 8.8 percent compared to last year. This marks the fifth consecutive decline in tablet device shipments, which totaled 38.6 million tablets shipped last quarter. As reported by The Register, Huawei is the only company to see an increase in tablet shipments due to similar demand in Russia and China. With extensive sanctions in Russia, the market is out of bounds for Western companies. This has helped Huawei make the most of the demand for affordable tablets in the region.

According to data provided by IDC, 14.5 million iPad devices were shipped in the last quarter, which is a decrease of 1.1 percent from the same quarter last year. Similarly, runner-up Samsung pushed 7.1 million tablet devices, down 4 percent, while Amazon shipped 4.3 million tablets, down 8.1 percent. Lenovo shipped 2.7 million tablets and posted the biggest 36.6 percent drop in sales. Huawei achieved 2 percent growth and shipped 2.4 million tablet devices.

“After massive growth in 2020 and 2021, the tablet market was expected to decline in 2022. Now the market is experiencing not only a slowdown in demand, but also some strong macroeconomic headwinds,” said Anuropa Naturaj, research analyst at IDC. “Even though most tablets (Android) and Chromebooks are cheaper, we’re seeing buyer anxiety right now. It’s mostly driven by economic concerns.”

Tablet shipments have remained strong over the past two years due to the pandemic-induced trend toward home working and home schooling. However, supply chain constraints caused by the pandemic have severely disrupted production, leading to lower tablet shipments. When it all boils down to this, the pre-pandemic trend in demand for tablet devices seems to be that large-screen smartphones are taking precedence over tablets. The economic uncertainty caused by the current volatile geo-political scenario is also not helping anything when it comes to tablet sales.

How the market will stabilize and the demand for tablet devices is expected to decrease in the coming days.


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