Sorry Samsung, the iPad is still the only tablet worth buying | Tech Reddy


I love tablets and even phones. The best pills Nice and friendly with big pictures and big swipe gestures. The best phones fragile and guilty – you act on something because you know you will break it.

With phones, I trade in my phone every year and buy the newest, coolest version. It has been a for more than ten years Samsung Galaxy or a Apple iPhone. I go back and forth because each offers advantages over the other and both are fun. I bought a tablet Apple iPadbecause it’s the only tablet worth buying.

Writing with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ S Pen

Writing on the Galaxy Tab S8+ (Photo credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

That’s not to say Samsung doesn’t make great tablets. Apple has launched the new iPad Pro (2022), including a 12.9-inch model with the stunning Apple XDR display. It costs $1099 in the US. For $300 less, you can get the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus, which has the same screen size but uses OLED technology, which looks amazing.


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