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If you’re a Potterhead, you don’t want to fit into Buckbeak’s style. If you haven’t watched the movie series yet, there is a character from the world of Harry Potter that appears in the 2004 movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. In the film, the creature is shown to have the body of a horse with the head, hooves, and wings of an eagle. A video shared on Instagram has people reminiscing about the fictional character. The clip was also received from Smriti Irani.

The video was originally posted by an Instagram user going by sheshallwander. “That time my life was like seeing a magical Harry Potter Buckbeak moment. Meet Sushi the shoehorn who lives at the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Center,” they wrote, posting the video .

The video opens to show a shoe rack standing next to a security guard. The clip captures the sweet interaction between the two.

Check out the video and photo of Smriti Irani’s Insta Story:

Instagram stories by Smriti Irani about a giant bird that might remind you of Harry Potter's Buckbeak(Instagram/@smritiiraniofficial)
Instagram stories by Smriti Irani about a giant bird that might remind you of Harry Potter’s Buckbeak(Instagram/@smritiiraniofficial)

Since Sheshallwander shared it five days ago, the video has gone viral. So far, it has nearly 8.4 million views, and the numbers are growing. The section also received a lot of feedback from people.

“Every time I see these I can’t believe they’re real,” wrote one Instagram user. “A magical creature! Beautiful,” added another. “Now it’s respect. You respect the animals and the animals respect you,” said a third. “What a beautiful beast,” wrote a fourth.


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