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Savannah Guthrie

Savannah Guthrie

Fresh from receiving her 2022 Guardian Award at the Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s annual ‘Heroes and History Makers Celebration’ last month, she looked gorgeous from head to toe, and Savannah Guthrie decided to treat her 1M Instagram followers to a makeup-free selfie. And we’re really happy with her performance, because she’s so beautiful that she doesn’t really need to shine!

Makeup-free Instagram stories

50 years old Today The friend-turned-mediator shared the unexpected picture on his Instagram account, thanking his five-year-old son for taking the picture, with the caption: “Photo by Charley.”

The picture sees her smiling from ear to ear, wearing a simple black T-shirt and some bracelets on her hand. Perhaps his childhood behind the camera is the source of his natural sense of humor; maybe it’s because she knows how beautiful she looks without any makeup!

Savannah’s self-confidence

We love that Savannah isn’t afraid to express herself, because it shows that she’s confident in herself and doesn’t take negative comments from internet trolls to heart. If your thoughts go back to April 2022, you may remember that Savannah shut down an internet troll by sharing their hateful comments with her Instagram followers and responding to them directly in a quick and clearly he expected. When the troll asked, “You look old Savannah what happened to you?” Savannah replied: “I’m old.” Amazing!


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