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Geek deals featuring Samsung, SanDisk, Fanttik, SwitchBot and LG
Samsung, SanDisk, Fantik, SwitchBot, LG

It’s hard to believe, but it’s officially the last Wednesday in October. As you prepare to head out for candy and other Halloween treats this weekend, here are some great deals on gadgets you can pick up today from Samsung, SanDisk, LG, and more.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Android Tablet for $159.99 ($70 off)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Android Tablet Product Image

Samsung’s budget-friendly Galaxy Tab A8 was released earlier this year, and now that we’re almost upon the holidays (already), this Android-powered tablet is needed now more than ever. Right now, you can get the Galaxy Tab A8 for just $159.99 ($70 off), the lowest price yet. For the money, you get a 10.5-inch display, 32GB of storage, and Samsung Kids content, making it great for younger kids as well as anyone who wants an affordable tablet for media consumption.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Android tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is a budget-friendly 10.5-inch Android tablet with 32GB of storage, long battery life, and access to Samsung Kids content.

SanDisk Extreme PRO Solid State Flash Drive for $129.99 ($150 off)

SanDisk Extreme PRO Solid State Flash Drive sitting on laptop keyboard

Portable storage has really come a long way in the past few decades. Carrying a gigabyte in your pocket used to be rare, but now you can get high-performance storage like this 1TB solid-state flash drive for $279.99 ($150 off). This SanDisk Extreme Pro USB stick features super-fast transfer speeds even for large files and an aluminum case that’s durable and attractive to look at every time you plug it into your PC.

SanDisk Extreme PRO Solid State Flash Drive

The SanDisk Extreme PRO Solid State Flash Drive is a small USB-style drive with a large 1 TB of storage that can easily be carried in a bag, purse or pocket.

LG C2 4K TV for $1,796.99 ($703 off)

Two people playing video games on LG C2 4K TV

The LG C2 4K TV is the second generation of our absolute favorite TV for 2022, so with over $700 off, you know this deal is special. Part of what makes the LG C2 4K TV so great is its OLED evo panel, a display technology that boasts up to 20% higher brightness than standard OLED displays. Get this beautiful display technology, plus unlimited contrast, dynamic tone mapping and more when you buy a second-generation LG OLED evo TV today.

Fanttik X8 Portable Wheels for $59.97 ($20 off)

Fanttik X8 Portable Tire Inflator inflates motorcycle tires

The colder seasons are coming and you know what that means – accidental flat tires. Instead of limping to the nearest gas station to air out your tires, fill them up at home with these Fanttik X8 Portable tires, now only $59.97 ($20 off). Weighing just over a pound, this little device is perfect for covering the tires of your car, motorcycle, or even bicycle. It’s also wireless, so you can use it anywhere.

Fanttik X8 Portable Tire Inflator

The Fanttik X8 is a portable wireless tire inflator that inflates all tires, including those on cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

$79.99 ($30 off) for SwitchBot Smart Lock

SwitchBot Smart Lock installed on office door

Making its second appearance in our HTG Deals roundup, the SwitchBot Smart Lock is back, and now it’s cheaper than ever. For just $79.99 ($30 off), this device fits over your existing deadbolt, giving you the smart features of a standard deadbolt. Simply tap your smartphone to lock or unlock the door, set lock timers, execute commands through your favorite voice assistant, and more.


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