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Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 LTE (2022).

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The smallest version of the device, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 from online retailers, was close to 200 euros (~$226) at the time of this test. However, when looking at a 10.5-inch mid-range tablet, you won’t notice this low price.

Like the Galaxy Tab A7, the Galaxy Tab A8 is housed in an elegant aluminum body that exhibits good craftsmanship and provides the tablet with high durability. The metal surface on the back is interrupted only by a thin plastic strip that runs the entire width of the tablet above the 8 MP primary camera.

At about 1cm (~0.4in) wide, the bezels around the display are thin enough to make a good visual impression, resulting in a screen-to-body ratio of 80% for a tablet (Galaxy Tab A7: 79%). At the same time, they allow you to hold the Galaxy Tab A8 in your hand without causing accidental inputs on the TFT display.

At 6.9 mm (~0.27 inches) thick, the Galaxy Tab A8 is slightly thinner than the Galaxy Tab A7. On the other hand, the size has increased slightly compared to the previous one, increasing the diagonal of the picture from 10.4 inches to 10.5 inches. In terms of length, the Galaxy Tab A8 is 0.8 mm (~0.03 inches) larger than the Galaxy Tab A7, while the width has increased by 4.5 mm (~0.18 inches). Weight has increased slightly from 460 grams (~16.2 oz) to 477 grams (~16.8 oz) on the WiFi version. The LTE version we’re testing tips the scales at 508 grams (~17.9 ounces).

Samsung is offering the Galaxy Tab A8 in Dark Grey, Silver and Pink colors.


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