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Gurugram: More than 15,000 inhabitants Mayfield Gardens Struggling for basic civic amenities. The reason – they are embroiled in a dispute between MCG and the developer over the transfer of the colony, which has been unresolved for five months now.
The government has announced the transfer of nine private developer colonies to civic bodies in 2019. Although eight of these colonies have already been acquired, Mayfield The garden still remains with its developer.
The reason for the delay in the acquisition of Mayfield Gardens is the developer’s objection to the estimated cost to MCG for the colony’s incomplete infrastructure. As per MCG estimates, the cost to meet the civic deficits of the colony is Rs 16.37 crore. However, the developer has pegged the same Rs. 5.50 crores.
Both the MCG and the developer are blaming each other for the delay in shifting the colony, the lack of maintenance and the deterioration of civic infrastructure that the residents are facing. Spread over 327 acres in sectors 47,50,51,52 and 57, this township was developed two decades ago. According to residents, the colony’s civic infrastructure has collapsed due to broken roads, clogged sewer lines and damaged water pipelines.
Dharam Veer Yadav, a resident N blockSaid, “The condition of the colony is deteriorating day by day as no proper maintenance has been done by the developer since 2012. Now, we have also stopped paying maintenance which is adding to our misery.”
MCG officials said the civic body is trying to complete the acquisition process of Mayfield Gardens early.
“The deficiency of the colony has been assessed through a proper survey and the developer must have given his opinion. Now the pretext for moving the colony appears. However, we are making all efforts to complete the takeover process as soon as possible,” the MCG official said.
In fact, the developer has already submitted an application for review of the Detailed Project Report (DPR) to the Director General of Town and Country Planning Department, Chandigarh. Ajay Shokin, Assistant General Manager (Marketing), Mayfield Project, said, “Our only objection is the shortfall cost which they have estimated at around Rs 16.37 crore, which is incorrect. According to our calculations, this work will cost around Rs 5.50 crore.”


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