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Major concerns for the property sector have been repeated in letters issued by Propertymark to outline action points for the level of our country and communities.

Regulation of property agents

The UK Government’s lack of response to the recommendations set out in the report of the Regulation of Estate Agents (RoPA) working group was first on the list of main concerns outlined by the concerns of Propertymark to the new Secretary of State for the Department for Housing, Housing and Communities. (former Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Communities).

Regulation of estate agents in the UK

Learn more about where we are with general industry regulation and how it may vary in different countries.

Other pressing concerns highlighted include:

  • Home building goals that have to be modeled to outline what is needed for each tenure across the country.
  • anticipating the housing needs of Britain’s aging population as currently only two per cent of the country’s housing has been designed with pensioners in mind.
  • developing proposals that take into account the different ages, conditions and sizes of properties across the country to come up with a “one-size-fits-all” policy for energy efficiency.
  • prioritizing the delivery of the right types of homes, in the right places and providing infrastructure that can support housing needs and remove known barriers to maximize delivery through an effective planning system.

PRS in decline

Propertymark wants the UK Government to tackle the potential half a million properties that are not available to rent in the PRS as landlords indicate they may exit the market or move into short-term rentals.

Tenancy reform

Propertymark has also worked to highlight the need for rent reform legislation, as thousands face rising ground rents, extortionate fees and are unable to sell their homes.

Increase the level

The real estate industry has a crucial role to play in helping us recover from the pandemic. Therefore, it is essential that policies and legislation support all property professionals by providing greater transparency, enforcement and more opportunities for consumers to buy and sell their homes.

Propertymark’s work is complete and we want to continue to work constructively with the Department as they develop plans for housing and community level across the country.

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