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One of the Best Budget Gaming TVs for PS5 or Xbox Series X on Black Friday Sale

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If you’re in the market for a great, future-proof TV set but want to keep your budget under $1K, then take a look at the TCL 6-series TV. It has all the technology you’d need in a current-generation TV to match your PS5 or Xbox Series X console, and it performs very well as an HDR TV set as well. Best Buy has the 65″ model for $699.99 (regularly $1000), the lowest price we’ve seen. It’s $100 less than what we saw during Amazon’s Early Black Friday sale in October.

65″ TCL 6-Series 4K Mini LED QLED TV for $699.99

HDMI 2.1 for 4K @ 120Hz

TCL 6-Series 65" 4K Mini-LED QLED Google TV

The reason the TCL R646 is cheaper compared to other similarly priced TVs is that this is a 2021 model. There is a 2022 variant (R655), but it is very hard to find and very expensive. The TCL R646 boasts this Mini-LED quantum dot (QLED) panel with full LED lighting and 240-zone dimming, and a wide color gamut. That makes it an excellent HDR TV set, especially since it supports Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG.

What is good about “Mini LED”, “QLED”, and “Local Dimming”?

The QLED panel enables this TV to maintain accurate color and good dynamic range even at high brightness levels. A regional dark zone allows different areas to darken or brighten independently of each other, thus allowing the television to effectively capture scenes where the brightest whites and darkest blacks occur at the same time. Mini LED panels allow more precise lighting of the area because the control points are smaller and more numerous. While a standard LCD TV with a dark spot can have up to 100 dark spots, the TCL R66 boasts 240 spots.

Why is this a good TV show?

The TCL R646 has players covered. It has a native 120Hz panel and two HDMI 2.1 inputs. That means it can pass true 4K @ 120Hz on PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles and RTX 30 series gaming PCs. The TCL R646 also supports variable refresh rate (VRR), which is the TV’s version of adaptive sync technology, and auto low latency mode (ALLM), where the TV automatically switches to low latency when it detects a game playing.

What smart interface does it use?

The 2021 TCL 6-series is new enough to welcome Google TV to its smart TV experience. Google TV is a definite improvement on the Android TV interface and works with Fire TV or Apple TV, especially if you use an Android phone or tablet.

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