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Just after the Prime Minister’s address to the nation on preventive measures against the coronavirus on Thursday, a document similar to a press release from the National Security Council (NSC), the Office of the Prime Minister (PMO), was in all social networks.

According to the document, the central government of India has declared a “restricted movement” order from March 18 to March 31 due to the coronavirus outbreak.


The Government of India has declared a Restricted Movement Order from March 18 to March 31

Fact check:

The document was issued in Malaysia by the indigenous government.

Malaysia and the Philippines on March 17 had announced nationwide lockdowns after recording a sudden jump in the number of confirmed cases of COVID-1. Malaysia’s National Security Council had issued a Restrictive Order, directing people to follow social distancing, “stay at home at all times” and avoid infected local areas.

On the night of March 17, Malaysian police banned interstate travel under the Restrictive Movement Order. According to the five-page document, movement restrictions will be implemented by the PDRM and RELA under the Disease Control and Prevention Regulation.

PDRM and RELA refer to the Royal Malaysian Police and the People’s Volunteer Corps, a paramilitary force in Malaysia.

The contact number, 03-8888 2010, mentioned for further questions, is a special number “to answer questions and complaints from the public on any issues related to the movement control order, which has been imposed via of the outbreak of Covid-19” in Malaysia. National Operations Administration Center.

Annex A of the document refers to the instructions for financial banking services to telecommunication services will be operational at this time. There is also a mention of BURSA, which is the stock exchange of Malaysia.

In Annexure B it says “Malays working in Singapore/Thailand/Brunei/Indonesia” are “not allowed”.

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