Noah Schnapp “Wronged” Shawn Mendes to follow him on Instagram | Tech Reddy


During his presentation on October 27 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his new film, Enola Holmes 2, Millie Bobby Brown was joined by her co-star Noah Schnapp for a set of True Confessions. In the game, each player takes turns confessing a random story before interrogating each other to determine who is telling the truth.

Noah had a strategy to play the game, when he chose to share the story of his “guilty” singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes to follow him on Instagram. “Why did you blame him, he didn’t want to follow you?” Millie asked about the draft, which Noah said was “a year or two ago.”

“Yes, he followed everyone in the [Stranger Things] cast but for me,” explained the 18-year-old actor. “I followed you, Sadie, Sadie, Caleb, everyone,” he continued pointing to Millie, who confirmed that Noah was “bitter.”

“What the heck, why is he following everyone but me? He’s shooting me,” Noah said before revealing that he sent a DM to Shawn saying “a little angry.”

When asked how Shawn responded to the DM, Noah said, “What man? I love you so much.'” After this, Millie and Jimmy thought they were talking. he lied, but Noah’s “guilt” turned out to be true, after all.

Shawn has yet to comment publicly on Noah’s claims, if at all. If you haven’t already, catch the full game of Millie and Noah on True Adventures The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon below.


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