Neglect of Pondicherry Govt – Broken Dam..? | Tech Reddy

Neglect of Pondicherry Govt – Broken Dam..?

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There is a break in the middle of the grip, and the grip of the bed is already broken. The public holds the government accountable for the greater risk of dam failure. During the French rule, a bed dam was constructed across the Sankarabharani River between Pondicherry and Sellippattu-Pillaiyarkuppam in 1906. In 2016, heavy rains completely destroyed the middle and lower levels of the bed dam for a lack of sufficient maintenance. During the rainy season, the Public Works Department stacks sandbags and repairs the occasional breach.

The public sector will spend tens of thousands of dollars on this. In December of last year, it was transformed into a tourist attraction, complete with a magnificent flow of water in the catch of the bed. people began to gather in considerable numbers. The flooding is another part of the dam bed ruptured as a result of the intense rains that followed. Thousands of cubic feet of water were dumped into the sea, making storage of water in the dam impractical. The dam has been visited regularly by the public works agency since then. The water in the Veedur dam has opened in this condition, but the flood waters have increased due to the entry of rainwater.

According to the residents, “For many years, the 100-year-old dam has been damaged. Twenty villages, including Pillaiyarkuppam, have asked the government to restore the dam, but the request has been denied. The sandbags are temporarily stacked during the rainy season. The floods wreaked havoc on agriculture and the demand for drinking water.”


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