Myleene Klass Instagram posts blocked due to ‘ad’ display failure | Tech Reddy


The media watchdog has removed three separate Instagram posts by singer and presenter Myleene Klass after she failed to tell her followers they were ads.

The ads, promoting a book he wrote called They Don’t Teach This In School and products sold by retailer Next and shoe brand Skechers, all did not include any type of branding. advertising, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). ) found.

In a reel on Klass’s Instagram on May 13, the article said: “What do you want them to teach at school? I asked my friends…. accompanied by a video of the type of celebrity answering the question. The video ended with Klass holding a copy of his book, the text on the screen saying ‘Wish Granted’.

One viewer complained that the ad didn’t seem like an ad.

Later posts in May showed Klass wearing clothes from Next and tagged MyleeneKlassXNext with the title.

Klass was later given permission to speak favorably of the brand in interviews, public appearances and on social media and to disclose that he has a commercial relationship with Next.

Other posts in May and June featured photos of Klass wearing Skechers gear, one showing him and another woman wearing pink plastic socks with the caption: “@the_mutha_ship @skechers_uk unplanned”.

Skechers said the posts were part of a contractual relationship with Klass, which it said would comply with all applicable laws, including advertising laws.

A spokesman for Klass told the ASA “there is a problem with what is a comment but not a post but Ms Klass has added ‘post’ to all her posts going forward and will continue to do so”.

The ASA found that all of the ads were advertisements, but there were no labels indicating that they were.

It was decided that the ads would not appear again, saying: “We have told Myleene Klass to ensure that the ads are clearly understood as marketing communications and to clarify their commercial purposes in the future, for example, by include a tag like ‘#ad’.”


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