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Watch: Mom Surprises Son With Mansion, Goes Viral On Instagram

The boy’s reaction won the internet.

A video of a woman surprising her children with a new house is doing the rounds on social media. The video posted on Martistry’s Instagram handle shows the reaction of a child after hearing the news that the big house and heart winner online. The woman posted it on the popular television platform on October 18, and it has now started to gain popularity. More than one million users have liked the video and more than 7,700 users have posted comments on it.

The video opens with a boy sitting in a car and looking at the houses in the neighborhood. When the car stopped in front of a house, the boy in the front seat asked the woman if she had a big yard. He said “yes”.

As the boy marvels at the beauty of the house and says “I want it”, the woman makes a big revelation: “It’s ours.” The boy turned to him in disbelief and asked “what?” He added, “Yes, that’s our house.”

“Wait, what?” the boy asked and the woman said “no lie, that’s our house.” The boy cried out in excitement and burst into tears. His sister’s voice was heard from behind.

The super text on the video says the kids don’t know what’s going on and the woman has been hiding it for weeks.

The boy’s reaction has moved more Instagram users to share inspiring stories. “This just kills me! God bless your new home! Kind of a proud mom for sure. It’s a sign you did the right thing, if you ever had doubts,” said one user.

“Thank you! I’ve dreamed of this moment my whole life. I can do it today. I know it,” said another.

According to the description of the Instagram page, the woman is a fitness enthusiast and an alumni of Florida State University.

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