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All Windows Insiders in the beta channel can now use the new tablet-optimized taskbar for Windows 11, but the new system tray is still rolling out.

There’s a build deal for Windows Insiders today, as Microsoft not only released Windows 11 build 25231 in the Dev channel, but users in the Beta channel are also getting their own updates. Because the beta channel is split into two branches, some users will get build 22623.875 while others will get build 22621.875. The first one has new features enabled and the second one has it disabled by default.

For users running build 22623, the big news for this build is that the tablet-optimized taskbar, which has been testing with a limited set of Insiders for a while now, is now available to everyone in the Beta channel running this build. This is similar to what happened with the creation of the Dev Channel released today. However, unlike the Dev channel, Beta channel users won’t be able to see the new system tray experience yet – it’s still rolling out slowly. Additionally, the Task Manager button added to the taskbar context menu is now available to everyone in build 22623.875.

Additionally, there are several fixes exclusive to Windows 11 Build 22623.875, including the ability to expand the taskbar by swiping up with the pen. For users with the new system tray enabled, there is also a fix for an issue where the hidden icon panel on the system tray could block context menus that are then opened.

As always, some fixes apply to both build 22623.875 and build 22621.875, and you’ll find the following:

Finally, there are some known issues with this build, most of which are related to the tablet-optimized taskbar. The complete list is given below:

If you’re in the Beta channel, you can check for updates from the Settings app to get Windows 11 build 22623.875 or 22621.875. If you’re on the latest branch and want to get new features, check back for updates after installing today’s update and you’ll see an update that enables features and changes your build number to 22623.

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