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She’s used to asking questions from guests on her Saturday night talk show, and now Angela Scanlon opens up to Denise Smith about motherhood, embracing failure, and coming back. home for Christmas

Making a cup of coffee while going to film the last episode of his RTÉ show, Ask me somethingThe reporter and podcast host are locked in a battle of wills in true Irish fashion, as he turns back to his driver, ‘Ah, go, go, will you follow, Martin? ‘

It would be foolish to think that a man would not be soon pricked by a slow and slow speaker, when he says: “I am an old wench.”

“I was completely turned upside down and I was so skeptical that I looked for what was wrong in the first place. I don’t think I was always like that and maybe we weren’t born like that but I always feel like this.

“I think it’s an Irish thing: our expression for a good day is ‘not bad’, we’re never too happy about anything.

“If you ask someone how she’s doing, they’ll say, ‘Yeah, she’s great,’ and you’ll think, ‘She’s a good girl.’

“But you look at Vicky Phelan and a very sad life that was cut short – we think we have every day but we don’t. Thank you it helped me change the focus and it’s a way to come back me, to remind me not to take things for granted.”

His podcast-topping podcast, Thanks a million,reinforces this idea, a daily practice she has honed since becoming a mother to Ruby (4) and Marnie, 9 months.

It’s the same sense of hope and optimism that made the 37-year-old so successful that she was the only cover choice for our gift guide magazine.

“I see them (the kids) living in the moment, and I get a kick out of that. We think it’s all about yoga and these Instagram-worthy moments, but most of the when it comes to enjoying a little hug or a meal together.

“It’s really hard to do, but when you wake up in the middle of the night, you want to scream and say, ‘I’m so lucky to have a little boy alive, I can comfort him po’ — even though I’m crazy tired — it’s very educational. And it’s the hardest thing for me to do.

Because she was not ready to take on a high standard of motherhood, when asked about the constant and relentless play, Angela, who called the house in London now: “Hey, it’s powerful that if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. And most days I do. You caught me on a good day. Oh, listen, it’s a real car crash.”

Magazine+It gives the impression that even though the fashion designer, journalist and jewelry designer has closed her eyes, she’s not very good at taking credit for her own success.

“I’m still interested in him, and my instincts are behind and behind… Now I’m going to RTÉ to do the last show of the series, and I’m very emotional.

“I have ordered a surprise cake for the team because you never know what next year will bring. We had a lot of fun doing the show, and it went down really well, and that’s not often the case in this industry,” he said.

“You’ve put your heart and soul into something, and for whatever reason, it doesn’t matter. It’s not easy, I’ve been away from my family every week with a young child, but I’m very proud.

After interviewing everyone from Jedward to Mary Berry, he said: “I come to the show with a heart, it’s normal. I don’t accept (guests) what under oath. People are very open-minded and will analyze things that don’t exist.

Looking forward to a very silly and uneventful holiday season, the Christmas lover rejoices: “I’ve ordered a tree, and I love the decoration of the heart, so wherever it goes When we collect the decorations, Ruby fits in perfectly.

“I’m sick of the beige Instagram look – you’re not wrong, but it’s boring. I remember our Christmas tree that was soggy and dusty, my mom took it down every Christmas. And this is not It’s a very important time, but it’s very emotional.

“At home, it’s a real free-for-all. We put a paper chain on it and Ruby is putting cookies on it but I’m fine with it.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas if the star, from Ratoath in Meath, wasn’t back home on Irish shores.

“Santa comes to Ireland for the children so we are between Meath and Cork and we come with a heavy load. Ruby suggests Marnie should enjoy a couple of balls from Santa this year, especially if you’re not flying home from Ryanair on the 28th.

“I said, ‘Could we send him a letter to leave it in London? But he said no, he didn’t think he’d leave all his stuff there.

“I told him, ‘We can be very clear.’ Sometimes they need money, don’t they?” he laughed in protest.

One thing is for sure, he will not turn to his parents for advice.

“At Christmas time, my parents would get really mad and stuff our stockings. Years went by and they both drank on Christmas Eve and I remember when my sister opened her stocking and cut an onion in half and stuck a 5p in the middle, they thought it was really funny this. something to do with youth. It’s really exciting.”

Angela doesn’t pay much attention to gifts at Christmas, but she remembers when the gift was given, right and wrong.

“The worst Christmas present ever was a letter opener, from an ex,” she laughs. “But in our Romeo and Juliet episode, and we wanted to write love letters to each other, and it was very mature in my age, it was very beautiful. I might have said, in fairness .

But her husband, environmental entrepreneur Roy Horgan, whom she married in 2014, won the award for ‘best gift giver’.

“The best Christmas present I’ve ever received was a ring made from my now-husband,” she said.

“I had this little ring, I loved it so much, and he made it a forever ring. Unfortunately, it fell out of his car before he had a chance to give it to me. !”


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