LG launches Black Friday deals – Save up to R8000 on TVs | Tech Reddy

LG launches Black Friday deals – Save up to R8000 on TVs

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  • LG South Africa is offering some serious Black Friday deals in November with the Good Life Celebration.
  • Save up to R8 000 on selected OLED TVs, R5 000 on QNED TVs and up to R5 000 on LG home theater audio equipment.
  • The deals will run from 1 to 30 November and stock is limited.

Black Friday sales in South Africa are intensifying as November approaches. Recently, retailer Game has announced that its Black Friday will be back in a big way this year.

Meanwhile today LG Electronics has officially announced its Black Friday specials.

Life’s Good Celebration Black November sale will run throughout the month of November and offer special Black Friday deals on a range of LG home entertainment products.

“For buyers looking to upscale this holiday season – or transform their living rooms into world-class movie theaters – this year’s Good Life Celebration sale in November is the perfect opportunity to save big on your living room upgrade,” reads the news release. posted in Hypertext.

The sale will run from November 1 to 30, 2022 where LG will offer deals on select OLED, QNED, NanoCell, and UHD TV models.

A selection of their top of the range soundbars, HiFi’s, and Home Theater sound systems will also be installed to complete the home cinema setup with immersive audio.

Save on LG OLED TVs this Black Friday

LG’s OLED TVs are powered by more than 100 million self-lit pixels. And because each pixel can be turned on and off, these TVs deliver deep blacks, vivid colors, and “infinite contrast.”

OLED is the best way to watch sports because of the high level of detail they offer. These TVs bring the cinematic experience and your favorite series to life.

LG’s latest OLED TVs boast a near-instant response time of 0.1 milliseconds, allowing them to change colors quickly to display fast-moving scenes with minimal blur and flicker.

OLED TVs also emit up to 50 percent less blue light than conventional backlit TVs, meaning you can enjoy fast-paced movies and gaming sessions without straining your eyes.

  • Save R8 000 when you buy LG 4K 65-inch OLED CS for R36 999;
  • Or save R5 000 when you buy the LG 4K 55-inch OLED CS for R19 999.

QNED TVs on sale this Black November

LG claims to be the first manufacturer to combine its NanoCell and Quantum Dot technologies in one new TV offering − the LG QNED.

Quantum Dot Technology provides “purer colors and more accurate picture quality” because subtle colors are no longer filtered out to reduce the overall brightness and color accuracy of what you’re watching.

QNED TVs also come in True 4K and 8K resolution at a refresh rate of 120Hz.

  • Save R5000 on the 65-inch 4K QNED806 TV, which will retail for R19 999;
  • Save R4000 on LG’s 4K 55-inch QNED806 TV for R14 999;
  • Save R4000 on LG’s 65-inch 4K NanoCell796 TV on promotion for R14 999;
  • And for those looking for a big screen experience, you can save R7 000 when you buy LG’s extra large 86-inch UQ9000 UHD TV for R27 999.

LG audio deals

LG’s SN11 Soundbars won the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree in the audio category.

The audio device features Dolby Atmos – a sound format based on what enables real 3D audio by adding height to the surround sound.

The SN11 features AI Sound Pro technology that automatically analyzes the type of movie or game you’re watching and optimizes the audio settings accordingly.

  • LG’s SN11 Dolby Atmos Soundbar is a November special. Save R5 000 when you buy it for R16 999;
  • LG’s SN7Y Soundbar offers 3.1.2 channels of surround sound and comes with Meridian Audio and Dolby Atmos. Save R1 500 on the SN7Y, which will retail for R6 499;
  • Saving R500, the LG 2.1Ch 300W SL4F Soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer and FM radio, retailing for R2 999.

Other upgrades in audio equipment include the exclusive LHD687 home theater system, which offers 4.2 channels of surround sound and LG’s ARX10 speakers that boast 12-inch subwoofers for music lovers.

These speakers also come with Bluetooth and a Smart DJ feature that lets you try out different sound effects and mix songs effortlessly.

  • Save R1 000 when you buy the LG LHD687 home theater for R6 499.
  • Save R3 000 when you buy the ARX10 home theater for R11 999.

To learn more about LG’s home entertainment products to be announced in November, click here.


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