‘Leachate leak’ in Arablis: Hspcb collects samples Gurgaon news | Tech Reddy

‘Leachate leak’ in Arablis: Hspcb collects samples  Gurgaon news

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Gurugram: Haryana State Pollution Control Board officials (HSPCBCollected samples from a pond in the forest area on Sunday shiftActing on allegations that the liquid was evidence of a leachate spill from a nearby plant that treats hazardous waste.
Last week, environmentalists said the 31-acre private plant that treats electrical, plastic and industrial waste is leading to groundwater pollution in Pali, which is supposed to be a recharge zone for downstream areas like Gurugram and parts of Delhi.
“We collected samples from a pond near the Pali plant,” Samita Kanodia, Regional Officer, HSPCB, Faridabad. The samples will be tested for signs of leachate – typically viscous liquid that is leached through liquids present in waste products or from rainwater flowing through waste mounds. The test will involve analysis of BOD (biological oxygen demand), COD (chemical oxygen demand) and ammoniacal nitrogen (a toxic pollutant) levels.
“It will take five to seven days to get the results,” Kanodia said.
Activists compared the case to the Bandhwari waste plant, where locals have long complained of groundwater pollution due to leachate being released into the Aravalli. “Badhwari has already become a threat to the Arabalis. Now, it looks like another site is doing the same thing,” said Jitender VadanaAn environmentalist.


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