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Today we are announcing our collaboration with Art d’Egypte to release AR 11 filters on Instagram for the Forever is Now II exhibition at the Pyramids of Giza. The exhibition features avant-garde artworks and installations by a diverse group of artists – including French art JREgyptian sculptors Ahmed Karaly, Italian art Emilio Ferro a French-Tunisian graffiti artist El Kakano — and an immersive art experience set against the iconic backdrop of the Pyramids of Giza. Each analysis is accompanied by a guide, Bastet, an animated cat inspired by the ancient Egyptian deity of the same name, who accompanies the characters as they explore the story behind each work. art and its creations through videos, photos and images – all powered by AR technology. .

Demonstration of AR analysis

“AR/VR technology provides our creative community with the limitless ability to create meaningful, engaging and meaningful content. Through our partnership with Art d’Egypte on Forever is Now II, we hope to show one of the many ways this can be achieved and how technology can help immerse people in the art journey,”
– Fares Akkad, Country Manager, MENA at Meta.

Producers from Europe and the Middle East, including Hadia Ghaleb, Marissa, Mohamed ElHabtour a BrandonBThey were some of the first to try analyzing, creating and sharing videos with their friends and family on Instagram.

“This experience is real and memorable. Surreal, because we are in one of the oldest countries in the world experiencing futuristic AR technology, and memorable because it is a new and innovative way of content creation For me as a creator, filters are a great way to see how technology and art come together to elevate and enhance our experience.
– Brandon Baum, Founder in the UK

This is our first XR investment in Egypt aimed at combining digital overlays with the physical world by creating interactive, creative and immersive content around an experience. Augmented reality technology will play an important role in the metaverse and help other communities around the world experience art in new and immersive ways.


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