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Kelly Ripa went out of her way to honor her father, Joe Ripa, for his service to our country on Veterans Day earlier this month.

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On Instagram, the Stay with Kelly and Ryan The host shared an old photo of his father and dedicated a sweet tribute to the veteran. During his military days, Joe looked handsome in his black suit and pants as he stood in a bell tower in Italy.

“Thank you to the Veterans who protect, serve and sacrifice for our country,” he wrote in the caption. “Especially to my father, Joe Ripa, the 5th Army specialist pictured in Pisa, Italy 1958.”

This isn’t the first time Kelly has shown love and admiration for her parents on social media. Back in April, the Live Call The author posted a throwback photo of her mother and father—Joe and Esther Ripa—to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. In the black and white photo, the pair appear to be dressed in white ensembles on their special day.

“Happy 60th Birthday to Joe and Essie Ripa, Mom and Dad!” he wrote. Kelly later shared that she thought they’d overestimated the milestone, saying, “(I thought it was 60 last year if I’m being honest, but they don’t have Insta so that’s fine).”

Keep coming back, Kelly.

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Kelly Ripa Shares Father’s Day Story About ‘Two Greatest’ on IG


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