Kate Beckinsale is showing off her Cat Friendly Yoga Rule on Instagram | Tech Reddy


Kate Beckinsale She celebrated International Cat Day with only her kitty.

The 49-year-old actress, who is closely tied at the waist with her Persian cat, Clive, is famous for posting funny videos of them together. But to celebrate the special day, Beckinsale took to her Instagram to celebrate her cat with a beautiful series purrfect the posts.

In the first video, Beckinsale poses with her cuddly cat. The actress wore a black ensemble as she balanced her cat on her shoulder as she practiced a warrior pose.

The following video showed Beckinsale applying lipgloss while her cat crawled on the counter. The carousel of videos showed the actress sitting in a swimming pool on a float with her cat by her side and others showing her bond with her cute cat. The final photo of the carousel features Beckinsale’s cat sitting on her head.


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