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kadentsu X’s Meranus – Beet.TV

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It’s a brand new world and the biggest marketing channel in the world.

And marketing agencies are reshaping how they approach the opportunity and challenge of measurement.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Leah Meranus, Chief Media Officer, dentsu X, explains how she started her career in TV.

The threefold way

Meranus describes three ways in which the x-ray rearranged its path to the center:

  1. “We don’t even think of it as a television investment. We think more about video. “
  2. “We don’t start with television and then add CTV. We are fully committed to all aspects of the video. “
  3. “We’re being more precise and more organized than we can be.”

His organization uses human-based data systems to enable more precise targeting, allowing him to buy TV spots the same way he buys digital.

The best of both

These days, online television connections allow for a data-driven customer experience, real-time viewing measurement, and the calculation of consumer outcomes after TV ad exposure.

So Meranus and dentsu X are increasingly looking to buy activity-driven advertising campaigns, rather than a broader demographic.

But he thinks TV can always be a place to build a brand.

“We’re talking a lot about shopping and marketing formats and video,” he said.

“As technology evolves, I think that’s the biggest area and the next – I think how television is becoming both at the same time as we’re really moving this furniture.

“It’s not a brand or a performance, it’s both.”

You are watching “Evaluating How Television Works in a Changing Context,” the Beet.TV Leadership Series produced by the 2022 ANA Masters of Marketing, presented by EDO. For more videos in this series, please visit this page.


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