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Jordan Poole had a bad game tonight as the Warriors traveled to Miami. They have lost two games before entering tonight’s matchup against the Heat. They are all set on the road to recovery when the referees decide they don’t want that.

After building a 10-point lead, the Warriors were outscored 15-30 by the Heat in the fourth quarter, losing 116-109 to the Warriors.

A lot of things have gone right for the Dubs, things they’ve been dealing with in the past. However, a lot of things went south for the team, including all the calls they received.

Watching the game, it almost seemed like the referees were rooting for the Warriors. Jordan Poole felt the same way and didn’t mince his words after the game.

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Jordan Poole took to Instagram to call out the referees

Apparently, the Warriors weren’t too happy with the calls in today’s game. They did almost everything tonight, and they didn’t deserve their third loss in a row. However, they forgot to pay for the owners of the game.

During the game, the referees called Jordan Poole for a carry three different times.

While others chose the post-game interview to talk about it, Jordan took his frustrations out on his Instagram account.

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While the calls still follow NBA rules, what’s important to everyone is how different it is.

Steve Kerr and Draymond Green talk about calls

After the game, Steve Kerr talked about cell phones. He wasn’t too happy with it and talked about how the entire league did it, but we don’t see those plays being called.

Later, Draymond Green talked about the same thing.

With the Dubs looking for their first road win, losing a game because of these calls is disappointing. The league needs to do a better job by not calling everyone or calling every draft.

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