Jaylen Brown Posts Cryptic Instagram Story About Ime Udoka | Tech Reddy


Shock waves were sent across the NBA on Sunday afternoon with the news that Ime Udoka was soon to be the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

It was a surprise exit from the Celtics for Udoka, who led the franchise to last year’s NBA Finals in his first year at the helm. Udoka was working for a team that was suspended for violating the Celtics’ administrative policies. Udoka is said to have had an “irresponsible” relationship with a female employee and to have spoken “bad language” to the individual.

With Udoka seemingly on his way out of Boston, Celtics star Jaylen Brown responded to the coach’s visit with read hidden Instagram stories:

While Brown didn’t say anything with his post, the picture of Udoka standing next to Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant speaks volumes. Of course, Brown and Durant were spotted trading each other over the summer, prompting Brown to once again share his feelings on social media.

The latest post from Brown says he believes Udoka has always wanted Durant, and now Udoka will get to join the 12-time NBA All-Star in Brooklyn.

When Brown was asked about the damage Udoka was feeling just days after his suspension, the Celtics’ cornerback struck a chord with many of his peers.


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