“It’s everywhere”: Virat Kohli’s Instagram Story About MS Dhoni Goes Viral | Tech Reddy

“It’s everywhere”: Virat Kohli’s Instagram Story About MS Dhoni Goes Viral

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Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni share a good bond with Kohli expressing his love and respect for the World Cup-winning captain in 2011. Earlier this year, Kohli said that Dhoni was the only person to inform him of his decision to step down as Test captain. He then went on to reveal that Dhoni’s speech made him proud. On Monday, Kohli shared an Instagram post about Dhoni about how the former India skipper is doing everywhere.

Kohli shared a picture of a water bottle, in which Dhoni’s image is being used for an advertising campaign.

“He’s everywhere. Even on a water bottle,” Kohli wrote on his Instagram account.

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Earlier, speaking on the RCB Podcast, Kohli had revealed what Dhoni told him during the skinny patch and how the message “hit home” for him. .

“MS Dhoni is the only person who has really reached out to me. For me, it’s a blessing to know that I can have a strong bond and a strong relationship with someone as old as me where things are. it’s a friendship based on mutual respect,” Kohli said on the RCB Podcast.

“That’s one of the things he mentioned in the same story that reached out to me, when you’re expected to be strong, and you’re seen as a strong person, people forget to ask how are you doing? So, it happens to me, it’s like this,” he added.

With Dhoni announcing his international retirement in 2020, Kohli’s posts on his social media can’t be ignored, showing the great relationship between the two. Kohli and Dhoni are two of the best runners between the wickets and their partnership has always shown how much they rely on their calls.

Dhoni also groomed Kohli as a leader and many times Kohli decided to take the former India skipper’s advice when the competition was tough during the game.

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