Is Vero the best alternative to Instagram? | Tech Reddy


Many photographers have become very frustrated with Instagram. Once an app that focused on sharing photos, it became an essential tool for networking and connecting with potential customers, and there was a feed filled with videos, ads, and of course, the awesome algorithm. This has left many photographers looking for an alternative, one of the early adopters being Vero. Is it worth putting the time and effort into it? This photographer used 30 days to answer that question.

Brought to you by Pat Kay, this great video talks about her experience after using Vero for a month. Undoubtedly, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Instagram is no longer profitable for many photographers, but the problem with most options is one of uncertainty. There are tons of apps with better links, higher-quality photos, and more features, but none have the massive user base that Instagram does, making it a tough sell for photographers looking to moving and leaving most of us between a rock and a hard place. . However, Vero seems to have more power than the other newer options. Watch the video above for the full story from Kay.


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