Instagram will move to the Developer section with the ‘Media Kit’ Creator option | Tech Reddy

Instagram will move to the Developer section with the ‘Media Kit’ Creator option

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Instagram is moving forward with its plans for a new Media Kit in-app creation feature for talent, and it’s going to be great guide manufacturers to create their own brands, and consider maintaining influencer marketing.

First seen in tests last month, Instagram has moved to the next stage of development for the option, and new welcome screenand an overview of how the process works.

Instagram Creator Portfolio

You can see this image, submitted by the application researcher Alessandro PaluzziInstagram has added a new lightning screen for its Media kit, called ‘Portfolio Builder’.

According to Instagram, the advantage of the Creator Portfolio, based on the Creator Market list, is that Creators can share their content with in-app partners.

Instagram has added this new feature view screen:

Instagram Creator Portfolio

Already Instagram already established is testing the option, although it is still an internal model at this time.

It will be interesting to see how Instagram works to increase its appeal to creative talent, as it aims to keep uploading to its app rather than floating off to TikT0k or YouTube.

This process will increase attention, according to the CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri his team the app is down in various key metrics related to the developer’s push.

According to the story:

“Inside [an internal] memo, Mosseri said that surveys of developers showed that Instagram “is declining[s] is behind TikTok and YouTube on all aspects that are important to creator satisfaction,” including some that are not related to the ability to make money, such as “fun, including, right algorithm and hosting.” Mosseri added that the group is “behind where it needs to be” in terms of programs to help creators monetize the platform but is “increasing its speed and progress.”

Part of Instagram’s big push to get creators more insight into the app — pumping AI-recommended posts from stories users don’t follow into their feeds — has find again most are not popular, and Instagram is now lost in the country, for the time spent. , to TikTok and YouTube.

eMarketer social media data usage time

So its developer push is not exactly planned – but maybe, IG has some tricks to help improve the developer application, and more talent sharing their new information to app, it’s different to build their presence on it. other video platforms.

But his job is over. YouTube said that in the last three years, it was worth more than $50 billion Creators, artists and advertising companies through the YouTube Partner Program for monetization, TikTok is the most popular application of the moment, and has stolen most of IG’s thunder, in its many successes and failures. he was struggling to keep up.

Copying content did, and deleting Snapchat almost entirely, slowed growth to a crawl for a while. Copying TikTok has not been very effective, perhaps because it has involved updating the application.

It seems that people don’t want another, smaller version of TikTok, and the more IG turns to trying to be like TikTok, in terms of features, the more it loses its appeal. Individuals, it seems, are getting less and less. general relevance.

Maybe, with some special creative work, he can still get things back on track. But there seems to be an upcoming account of the ‘Maker Economy’, where the truth – that 99% of makers will never make much money – undermines the whole push.


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