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Meta Platforms Inc META Instagram has updated its web interface but has no immediate plans to create a dedicated app for it Apple Inc AAPL iPad.

What happened: Instagram’s web interface is now redesigned, featuring a navigation bar with links to pages such as search, explore, messages and ads. Previously, users had to navigate through unlabeled buttons at the top, according to The Verge.

“We’re always working on ways to improve the website experience for people. We recently made an update to update, including improving the acceleration, improving the visual experience, and introducing an immersive approach to DM,” said Meta’s spokesperson. Christine Good told The Verge, marking the changes is more than testing.

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What is important: The development comes at a time when millions of iPad users are forced to settle for the iPhone-sized Instagram app experience, or to browse the site on a web browser. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri previously stated that creating an iPad app is not a priority.

The changes mentioned above are not the same as having a dedicated app designed for tablets, but they are still a step in the right direction. The new improvements and the addition of larger and clearer touch/read targets will receive positive feedback from users interacting with the desktop platform, the report said.

At the time of the Q3 earnings report, Instagram was Meta’s only saving grace.

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