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Instagram is down, sorry

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It’s hard to know when Instagram came out… like. (Even Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner agree.) The foundation I’m so in love with now won’t let me give two thumbs up without showing me a random melted burrata, a flat update, or a dress. or flip to buy. I don’t want to! I’m sorry but, right now, Instagram is facing a social media purge, joining MySpace, Facebook and… Ello.

OG fans argue that it went down a few years after it was sold to Facebook, now Meta, in 2012 (and after everyone moved there from Tumblr). But many of us have settled on app-based entertainment since then. How do we know about the nights we weren’t invited without the information? How do we know who is who in the pastLove Island the competitor decided which fast link is gridless? How can we watch wheat concert videos without Instagram Videos?

I really liked you, Instagram. You’re Facebook’s best niece – everyone took it apart when it came to MLM, racists and skeptics. Donald Trump’s election closed the book on Facebook as a place anyone under 40 would want to spend all their time, if only to check out their friend’s new wife in Year 9, or what happened last month. And as Facebook weakened, Instagram became stronger.

But now, going on Instagram is not fun. WTF Are Official Movies? Why did they try to feed 9×16? Why can’t I see posts by my friends or favorite creators? Where is all the fault?

One of the following, to be honest.

Taking good shape

When Instagram began to backlash for the negative impact on people’s mental health – to everyone’s surprise – their response was not to identify which photos were FaceTuned, remove beauty filters , or give you the option to hide girls who are hotter than you in the Browse tab. . It gives you the option to download the best stats. This may be good for some, obviously. But it’s the same amount of data to sell to marketers and the ability to sell Instagram Ads. So you can still feel sorry for yourself – and feel lonely.

It’s always bent

The downgrade method is a constant feature of Instagram, yes, but it’s also a permanent feature of the app. Who really wants to see an influencer in a private plane while they’re traveling on a train? And it’s not a real private jet, but a mockup of a private jet.

Decreasing, with a non-participatory focus on inspirational content, Instagram becomes less of a place to share photos and moments from your life, and more of a place to be the worst person. Wasn’t Instagram more fun when you were allowed to post dates and crazy photos of your dog? When was the last time you posted a photo with a Valencia filter? Maybe it was the time when you were happiest. The proliferation of chatbots made everyone too afraid to post, making it a race to the bottom for all-marble influencers and pickpockets.

A chef and food preparer

Do you know what anger is? An entire generation of women believed that water-soluble vegetables are as good as pasta, thanks in large part to Instagram. With the scourge of clean food influencers like Deliciously Ella, our diets are filled with plate after plate of simple dishes that we’re told will fill us up like devil’s food (bread).

This is bad enough, but it also paved the way for bodybuilders to realistically think that people would want to see their food preparation photos (a long line of Tupperwares filled with undercooked chicken, boiled broccoli and potatoes). As a result of all this, when people see recipes on TikTok that call for whole butter sticks, they collect them. A starving person will die for ten years. Friends, we were hungry for change.

Kicking people whether creative or vocal

One of the things that makes Instagram great is that it connects you with people who have a conversation (gender workers, political activists, foreign activists, women – many of whom have followed each other in on Instagram).

For female workers, the ability to use IG as a marketing tool is important. They are small business owners who want to sell OnlyFans subscriptions when physical contact with the program is no longer possible due to COVID. If they are selling hand-poured candles, this is fine. But because they’re buying junk, they get kicked (or frozen) off the street, like the kid caught smoking in Sunday school.

Similar comments from fans or anyone who admits they have nipples. Taking down and harassing the people who made Instagram so exciting would kill its purpose. But yeah, at least there were all the salad bowls.

Instagram ‘funny’

An early nail in Instagram’s coffin was the “Instagram Comedy” era, led by the likes of Lele Pons and Ray Diaz. This is the term used to describe the funniest Instagram Video “photos” that were popular a few years ago, in the pre-Vine, pre-TikTok era of the internet.

They washed all the laughs you could about cheating and toxic relationships – not that much – with teary-eyed emoji captions and dark violin music, to the tune of five to ten million views for every smile. This limited the platform, and led to the idea that Instagram supported pranks to “enable” them. Boo!

TikTok is better because it collects data

Thanks to its “strong” data collection practices, TikTok has become a more entertaining app. While Instagram’s algorithm seems to favor identikit faces filled and filled (and then dulled), TikTok shows you what you think you’ll find funny, weird, and or relationship. And he knew exactly what this was, because he knew everything about you.

Unless they’re among the first group of teenagers to create TikTok by doing the most boring dance moves imaginable (in Bella Poarch’s case, she just moves her head from side to side), and Creators bring something special to make TikTok great. In any case, FYP means that millions of people can see it even if they don’t have students, and that’s something new. So, Instagram is in the “dark”, so:

Instagram is trying to TikTok

I mean, that’s the real reason why not. Following another platform has worked for Instagram in the past (see: Stories and Snapchat). But that was a different time, when phone storage was limited and apps needed to be optimized for multitasking.

Fast forward to 2022 and we can confidently say: We didn’t need Instagram Videos. We want the platform to go back to the way it was – allowing everyone to post great photos and stories, in chronological order. Anyone who has ever been sucked into the Instagram Reels vortex knows that it’s just a compilation of dog and puppy videos (good), static tweets on white video backgrounds and videos you’ve seen on TikTok. next week.

At the same time, Instagram will suppress photo posts from people you follow in favor of selected Videos from people you don’t. To make matters worse, they have announced that they will limit the reach of ads that are removed from TikTok.

Is it because of everyone’s good news? Instagram love Crazy cow. Now they account for 20 percent of the time a user spends on the app. And now Instagram is trying to change the layout to make everything – including photos – vertical. What is this pure hell? No one wants this at all.

The future

Photo sharing platforms were not new when Instagram was launched in 2010. Flickr and Tumblr were there before, but no one did better than Instagram. An S-tier position for many years online. But as the old saying goes: it’s better to be negative than positive. Sadly, Instagram turns into a TikTok that screams sadness. And if Instagram doesn’t return to the good work – stories, photos of friends, giving voice to young people and fans – it’s sure to go in the bag.

Now, the Meta platform with the best hope for the future is WhatsApp, for sharing TikTok links.



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