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The updated version of Instagram for the Web is now being released by Instagram. One of the new features is a navigation bar with links to pages like “explore,” “search,” and “messages,” among others. These tabs were previously displayed as unlabeled buttons at the top. This update comes as Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, said that there is no dedicated iPad app for the social networking platform. The newly redesigned version is rolling out in stages since the new UI is not yet available to everyone.

The Verge was the first to see the new design, which seems to be rolling out. As for the new build, there is no official announcement yet. The new UI includes a sidebar that connects to the social media platform’s tabs such as explore, search, message, and more.

Instagram for Web has been redesigned with additional information on buttons and easy access to Settings and saved posts. The new UI is faster and easier to switch between accounts. The user experience of navigating through the app, watching videos, and DMs has been improved.

The Verge quotes Meta spokesperson Christine Pai as saying the following about the new design: “We are always working on ways to enhance the Instagram website experience for users. No We recently brought an update to update, including improved navigation, an improved video experience, and introducing a more immersive approach to DM.”
According to a report published last month, Meta has 2 billion monthly active users worldwide, surpassing Facebook’s 2.96 billion users, a sign of the changing demographics of social media. social media. The company revealed the trend in October amid a disappointing earnings report, when the stock market was troubled by Meta’s forecast and its shares fell. In addition, it said that the daily use of its messaging platform, WhatsApp, has exceeded 2 billion users. 3.71 billion people use the Meta family of apps every month worldwide.


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