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Smartphone owners downloaded a record 38.7 billion apps in the third quarter of 2022, according to mobile intelligence firm, as spending cooled sharply. In-app sales reached $32.4 billion in the last quarter, down from a high of $34 billion a year ago.

But that’s still up 40%, according to, from pre-pandemic levels.

Instagram beat TikTok to grab the title of the most-downloaded-app, while the most-known-company-Facebook took four of the six places and five of the ten. But TikTok’s new found strength is its ability to monetize users, which has helped it lead in app spending.

  1. Instagram
  2. TikTok
  3. Facebook
  4. WhatsApp Messenger
  5. Snapchat
  6. Facebook Messenger
  7. Telephone
  8. Meesho (a shopping app)
  9. CopCut (a video editor)
  10. Business WhatsApp

App installs, surprisingly, have not slowed down since the pandemic, which is 8% higher than in Q3 2021. The growth on Android is due to the fact that it was downloaded 30 billion times and consumers of apps from Google Play, to just under nine billion on the iOS App Store. .

The main driver?

New markets.

“On Google Play, India and Brazil are the two largest markets by download. In terms of quarter-on-quarter growth, India, Pakistan, and Iraq are the largest of the change from Q2 2022,” the company said in a statement. “Turning to iOS, China and the US unsurprisingly are the two biggest markets. They, along with Brazil, registered the biggest increase in three months.

As usual, the majority of app downloads came in the form of games, while there were also plenty of gadgets and entertainment. Interestingly, events and key categories saw significant growth.

We download more than a billion game apps every week, according to, and account for nearly 60% of the world’s total in-app spending, about $1.54 billion. every week. It’s down slightly from last year – a pandemic year – but up 25% from pre-pandemic times in 2019.

The biggest game by far is – believe it or not – ten-year-old Surfing, followed by the younger Stumble Guys, then Free Fire, Ludo King, and the popular Candy Crush Saga also.

Consumer spending is the highest in Honor of Kings, and Roblox leads the way for the most monthly active users.

“Back in 2014, news came out that said something amazing about the video game industry: movies and music are too big. For established businesses, this is amazing news,” i said in a statement. “Now, we can see the impact of in-app gaming. Earlier this year, published research that said the global gaming industry generates $222 billion in revenue. only in the world – and 60% of all mobile gaming.

It’s interesting, it’s a board break for games.

About half of Google Play’s 30 billion downloads are games, but games only account for a quarter of iOS App Store downloads. Thus, gaming represents two-thirds of Google Play’s $11.4 billion revenue for the quarter, but more than half of the App Store’s $21 billion.

It shows another truth of the mobile economy: iOS apps, even in the minority, are more profitable than Android apps.


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