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Adnan Siddiqui wanted a national anthem controversy, and he definitely got it. On Friday, the actor asked on Instagram — Is it necessary to have creative control with our national anthem? He ended up starting a long-running argument with fellow actor Sajal Aly over Instagram stories.

In case you missed it, Siddiqui spoke about the national anthem on Thursday night by Shehzad Roy and Wahab Bugti at the Lux Style Awards. He did not like the creative ways that waiata composition took, which used traditional materials rather than traditional waiata ā-ā-waita.

At the end of his post, he asked for the opinion of the man and boy, he got it.

One of the people to respond to his post was Aly, his co-star Mom a Dear Dil Mera. “Pakistan’s diversity makes it beautiful. The production of the national anthem involving historically marginalized groups is more patriotic than offering a strong and united spirit of showing love for our country and its people,” he said. he wrote on his Instagram account.

“Let’s stop policing how to express our patriotism: our Constitution respects the many peoples, languages ​​and traditions in the country. When are we going to do the same?” he said, pointing at Siddiqui.

“Formerly marginalized groups” can express their sentiments without interfering with the fundamental rights of our nation. I am not defending the ‘ethnicity’ of the artist involved, them or anyone’s patriotism,” Siddiqui replied in a follow-up statement. “My shadow is indifference and enthusiasm for the national anthem. Sajal Aly you might want to re-check the post because you are missing the point,” she wrote.

“There is a protocol to be followed for the national symbols, to respect them so much that the first letter of the national symbols is written in the main word. What next is that because we are creative, we need to celebrate diversity? Raise the National Flag down and design our own version of the Symbol?” asked Siddiqui.

Of course, this did not end the controversy. “As a Pakistani and an artist, I found the diversity of my country reflected in this song of the national anthem to be beautiful. I found a cure,” Aly wrote.

“Shehzad Roy and Wahab Bugti didn’t break the law. They didn’t break the protocol. Their production reflected the values ​​of our Constitution and stuck to the original song. You asked me for ideas. These. Don’t agree to disagree,” he said, pointing to Siddiqui.

Siddiqui later said: “In plain English, I did NOT mention the artists and their people. Why stir up arguments for no reason? Keep calm.”

The next answer came from the most unexpected places – Farhan Saeed. “Adnan Siddiqui I have a lot of respect for you and know that you will not do anything to hurt anyone or just to get points. You may have heard. But Khuda ka Wasta [for God’s sake], the last thing we want is to add another item in Pakistan’s ‘do not do’ list. This is beautiful, please,” he insisted. And so ended this very long argument that could have been over WhatsApp or over a cup of chai.

They seem to have decided to leave it at that but their argument made for some interesting reading this week.


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