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How to see the posts you have liked on Instagram?

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When you use Instagram, you must access hundreds of posts every day. You may not be able to view the same Instagram post for two days until you save it or like it. Instagram is now available to see all the posts you’ve liked in the past.

Like Facebook, Instagram keeps a record of content you’ve liked, which you can view from within the app. Because it is hidden in “Settings”, most people do not know about this useful feature. If you want to go back and look at the photos and videos you liked on Instagram, you can do it easily. It’s also a convenient way to avoid looking like old ads that you’ve misplaced.

In this article, we will tell you how to see the posts you liked on Instagram.

See the posts you’ve liked on Instagram

Interactions on social media platforms like Instagram are fleeting. A post may disappear from your feed after you like it, so it’s easy to forget you saw it.

Looking to get back to your favorite photos and videos? Your entire history of likes isn’t available, but the last 300 posts you liked are there to see. Here’s how.

How many new posts do you see?

Instagram’s help page says you can only view 300 new posts (photos and videos) you liked it. That’s a lot, but it can be a problem if you’re an Instagram influencer or a power user who likes hundreds of pictures a day, or if you want to find something you liked last week.

If you liked a post in the Instagram mobile app or on the Instagram website, it will appear here. Unfortunately, the app only displays content that you liked on the Instagram app. It does not work for the Instagram web platform, and it may not work for third-party applications, so it is not clear whether the ads you liked will appear through an application like Iconosquare or not.

That’s why you can see new photos that you like. It’s a very simple process. If you run into any issues, please let us know in the comments section below.


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