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How to make your Instagram feed ad-free

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Instagram has recently received a lot of criticism for the increasing number of ads, “repository” posts, Reels, and other content embedded in user feeds. A new app, cleverly dubbed the “OG App,” aims to make Instagram useful again by giving you an ad-free feed that eliminates targeted ads.

How to get an ad-free Instagram feed

It was said by TechCrunch, OG App implements Instagram’s official API to allow users to sign in to their accounts and view posts from followers. When you log in, you will see your Home feed which is the main interface of the app.

OG App also supports creating “different posts,” a feature similar to Twitter Lists. You can create custom feeds for different topics and account groups. For example, you can create a different feed that focuses on something like music, and add an Instagram account that focuses on music.

Once you’ve created these types of feeds, you can easily switch between them, and each one is added to the bottom navigation bar.

The app was created by Ansh Nanda and Hardik Patil, who say their goal is to create an Instagram experience that gives users more control over their feed. Speaking to TechCrunch, they explain:

We’ve seen our friends and family interact with social media, even deleting apps because they don’t have enough options to change what they see. We wanted to put users, not advertisers, first in this app. We started with Instagram because we thought the app had a very toxic relationship with its users.

One of the biggest problems with the OG App is, of course, Instagram cracking down on its API to block apps like this. In an interview, Nanda and Patil said they are not concerned about “any changes to the Instagram API at this time” and are focused on “building a solid product for users.”

Going forward, Nanda and Patil have big plans for the OG App. Both will work on new features such as custom feeds and private accounts, sharing custom feeds with friends, and offline removal from content. They are also planning negotiations on feeds and “sharing collections to feed and creating collaborative feeds.”

You can download the OG App from the App Store for free. It supports signing in with Apple and authenticating with your Instagram account.

It looks like the servers are crashing right now, so if you can’t sign in, you’ll have to wait for the launch announcement to pass. We hope these are early pains, because the app is great once you get into it.


In terms of privacy, there are a few things to note here. First, in the App Store you’ll see the data this app “associates” with you because of Apple’s Privacy Label feature. The important thing here is that the data listed here is due to Instagram’s integration with the app. The data Instagram collects from all users; not the data collected by the OG App itself.

In addition, when you sign in to your Instagram account through the OG App, you do not send your login credentials to the OG App itself. When you enter your username and password, you are using the official API provided by Instagram. Instagram has many login protection features for account security.

This means that when you log in through the OG App, you may receive a message from Instagram about “unknown device or login attempt.” This is the same alert you get if you log in on a new iPhone right into the Instagram app.

You can view the full privacy policy of the OG App on the company’s website here.

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