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Joy Ofodu is a comedian and podcast host.Darrin Baldridge

  • Building an audience is one of the first steps to becoming a professional content creator.

  • Gaining a following on different social media platforms requires different strategies.

  • Here’s how creators can grow on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or LinkedIn.

Growing your audience is an important part of building a business as an influencer.

Whether it’s on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or even LinkedIn, gaining the trust and attention of thousands of people is essential when making a career as a full-time content creator.

Although breaking the algorithm is sometimes a matter of luck, many developers have concrete strategies and tips that they have learned while creating them. Some rely on regular reporting, while others use the tools provided by social media developers. (Read more about 13 startups that are helping creators grow their audience and make money.)

For example, Joy Ofodu, a comedy producer who recently quit her full-time job at Instagram, found that landing on a niche project helped her career as a producer. Its niche? Date content.

“That’s all I’ve been reading for two years,” Ofodu told Insider. “And my audience exploded.”

Ofodu now has 114,000 Instagram followers – when he started posting regularly, in 2020, he had about 5,000.

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Insider has interviewed a number of developers and marketing experts on how to grow an audience on various social media platforms. Here’s how to build a following on platforms from Instagram to LinkedIn.


Jaden Versluis, a talent manager and tour producer, started posting regularly on Instagram in May. At that time, he had about 4,000 students.

Three months later, Versluis’ audience has grown to 140,000 followers on Instagram.

He discovered that search-engine optimization (SEO) can influence how content is found. Versluis told Insider that no matter what platform you use, “your caption should be full of keywords.”

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YouTube has a reputation as one of the most difficult platforms to grow an audience.

Paddy Galloway, a YouTube creator and strategist, has been researching exactly what it takes to get subscribers on the platform. As a strategist, he has worked with some of the world’s top developers, including MrBeast.

YouTube’s introduction of Short Videos — the platform’s TikTok competitor — has made it easier to grow.

“I’m very confident in Shorts,” Galloway told Insider. “For my long-form clients, we post Short Videos on their main channel. I’ve watched thousands of videos, and I’ve never seen a negative correlation between posting Short Videos and competitive and long-term.”

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TikTok has boosted many creators to fame.

According to TikTok’s head of music Corey Sheridan, live streams and chats will help drive growth.

Victoria Paris, a lifestyle influencer, built her audience by posting TikToks every day and responding or liking comments on her videos. The app has more than 1.5 million followers today.

But for some, it’s just a once-in-a-lifetime thing. For example, Nate White, a fashion designer from New York City, posted his first TikTok in March 2020. His “motivational challenge” video followed two months later.

“Every time I update my phone, I get thousands of new followers,” White told Insider. “I decided to build on that moment and give people what they want.”

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While LinkedIn isn’t the first social media platform that comes to mind when you think of entrepreneurs, the platform has invested a lot of resources into being a place for entrepreneurs.

The professional social network has doubled down on maker-focused activities over the past two years with new features, maker navigation programs, and even news.

According to Callie Schweitzer, LinkedIn’s head of developer programs, one of the most important tools to use if you’re trying to grow your audience is switching to the platform’s developer mode. This feature encourages other LinkedIn users to “follow” you, making your content more visible on the site.

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And if these tricks don’t work, you can hire a LinkedIn ghost writer to help create content and increase visibility on the site.

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