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Android phones have great keyboard customization options, but Samsung phones go above and beyond in this department. While you can choose from a wide variety of keyboards available on the Play Store, from top Android phones and tablets to budget smartphones, Samsung phones give you a more granular approach to keyboard customization. You can adjust several keyboard settings in the Settings app and use the powerful Keys Cafe app to perform an unprecedented level of customization.


How to customize Samsung keyboard via settings

Samsung devices can access keyboard settings by following these steps:

  1. launch Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and select General management.
  3. To choose Language and input.

  4. To choose On-screen keyboard.
  5. To choose Samsung keyboard.
  6. To choose Style and layout.

In the Style and Layout menu, you’ll find several options that allow you to customize Samsung keyboards:

  • Keyboard themes: Choose between Light, Dark Light, Dark and Dark Dark keyboard themes.
  • High contrast keyboard: Enable high contrast keyboard and choose between Yellow, Black 1, Black 2 and Blue keyboard themes.
  • Modes: Choose a standard keyboard, a one-handed keyboard, or a floating keyboard.
  • Size and clarity: Adjust the size and position of the keyboard by dragging the controls on the stage. There are also opacity controls if you use the floating keyboard.
  • Keyboard font size: Adjust the slider that controls the size of letters and symbols on the keyboard.
  • Keyboard layout: Choose whether or not to enable numeric keys and alternate characters on the keyboard.

How to Customize Samsung Keyboard Using Keys Cafe

While Samsung’s standard keyboard customization settings are fairly robust, they pale in comparison to the settings available through the Keys Cafe app. Developed by Good Lock Labs, the app allows users to customize the keyboard, including choosing where the keys are placed, adding color effects, and adding custom features.

To download and install Keys Cafe, follow these steps:

  1. Open Samsung Galaxy Store (Only available on Samsung devices).
  2. Tap search bar.
  3. Type Keys Cafe.
  4. tap To seek.
  5. Tap Installation button.

After you download and install Keys Cafe, you can open the app and start customizing your keyboard completely.

The first option in Keys Cafe, make your own keyboard, is also the most powerful feature of the app. Opening it allows you to make the following customizations to your keyboard:

  • Delete unnecessary keys
  • Move the keys to new locations
  • Add new rows of keys
  • Change the width and height of each button
  • Replace letters, symbols and functions
  • Assign a custom phrase that can be typed with a single keystroke

The second option is to style your own keyboard, deals with the aesthetics of your keyboard. When you select this option, you can choose a custom theme for your keyboard. You can also create a custom theme with custom animations and color effects on your device, but only if you install the Theme Park Good Lock module.

The third option, Play Keyboard Game, is a typing game that has nothing to do with customizing your keyboard.

More keyboards for your phone

Although the Samsung keyboard has a lot of customization when paired with Keys Cafe, some people look for more than customization when choosing a keyboard. Other features, such as ease of typing or the ability to check grammar as you type, could be even better.

If you’re looking for a keyboard with unique features or want the best keyboard for non-Samsung devices, there are some great Android keyboard apps for effortless typing.


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