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How to build your Instagram feed in time

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Recently, Instagram brought back the option for users to follow the story of the moment, a feature that had been removed before 2016. Instead, they have turned to an algorithmic feed, trying to think of what you want to see most and show it to you. first. However, many users don’t like this type of feed and just want to see things in the order they were posted.

This has led to the re-introduction of the feed, which users can now choose to use. Instagram makes it easy to switch between different feeds in the order you want to see them. This article will show you how to change your Instagram feed to chronological order and other orders you want to use.

How to make Instagram Chronological

If you want to see what your friends have posted recently, you may want to use Instagram’s regular feed. You can do this from the Instagram feed itself. Here’s how.

  1. On the Instagram home page, tap the Instagram icon.
  1. In the drop-down menu that appears, type the Follow up options. This will show you what your followers eat in chronological order.
  1. There is also the I love it option, you can view the best financial posts in chronological order.

This is a great option for those who miss a regular meal, but there are a few caveats. The feed will revert to algorithmic if you close and reopen the app. You also can’t see what someone is saying when you use the time feed.

Also, if you want to use the Favorites feed, you must add accounts to your Favorites list first.

How to add accounts to your favorites

Adding accounts to your favorites helps you manage your feed in real time, so you’ll be the first to see new posts from your most important accounts. To add Instagram accounts to your favorites, follow these steps.

  1. On the Instagram home page, tap the Instagram icon.
  1. Click on the I love it options.
  1. Click on the Add Favorites button.
  1. Use the Search option to find the account you want to add and type Add.
  1. You can also type Remove if you change your mind about an account.
  1. Once you’ve created your list, tap on it Confirm the contents to complete the process.

Now, you can use the Favorites feed to see all the posts from your favorite accounts. You can manage this Favorites list by clicking on the star list icon in the upper right. From there, you can add more accounts to your Favorites or delete some.

Algorithm vs. Chronological Feed: Which is better?

If you’re not sure how you want to view your Instagram feed, consider which type of feed is best for your needs. The two modes offer different experiences when browsing Instagram, and you may prefer one over the other for different reasons.

Algorithmic feed works by analyzing what you enter on the app. Accounts that you like or talk about the most will appear in your feed first. If you spend more time on those posts or watch their content, they will likely show up in your feed sooner. This can be followed both up and down. On the plus side, your feed is tailored to what you want to see. However, things may not be right, and you may wonder what happened to your friend’s posts that you don’t really interact with but still want to see.

Seasonal food doesn’t really differentiate what comes out of your feed. New posts come first, so you’ll be up to date with what your friends are posting. This is best for those who want to use Instagram to connect with friends and family, or don’t want to spend time scrolling through their feed.

Also, you can switch back and forth between these two types of feeds if you’re not sure which one is better for you.

Why did Instagram add Advanced Feed?

In the beginning, when Facebook bought Instagram, they updated the app to have an algorithmic feed instead of a feed that was just exposed. Facebook did this to optimize the ads shown to people in the app, allowing the company to generate more revenue.

This change was met with a backlash from Instagram users, but this does not mean that Facebook/Meta has decided to add real-time features. Instead, they are preparing for the passage of a bill targeting applications like Instagram, which use algorithmic feeds. This bill, the Filter Bubble Transparency Act, would require social media platforms to allow users to opt out of algorithmic feeds.

Check out the First Updates and Next Feed

By using the regular feed on Instagram you can see what your friends and other favorite accounts are posting when they are posted. As a result, you don’t have to go through a lot of unnecessary algorithmic content to get to the latest updates.

Which Instagram feed do you prefer to use? Let’s find out in the comments.


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