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Growing up, I loved to write. Writing allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings. It’s also a great way to vent my frustrations. As I got older, I kept a separate journal. I am committed to daily journaling, so I update my private journal every six months. When I started my software company, Trend Watchers, I decided to get on board with the #buildinginpublic trend.

Going public is where you write yourself to start a company from scratch. When booking your trip, you should indicate the good, bad and bad days.
Most people create a public profile on Twitter, but I decided to do it on Instagram. To begin with, I decided to delete my account and start from scratch.

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How to grow online registration in my Instagram following

At first, I documented my journey only through Instagram posts. I’m going to create a little graphic on Canva and make my Instagram caption bigger, sharing the lessons I learned last week.

What makes my Instagram posts so unique is my variety of topics.
One week, I’ll write about a lesson I learned from running a business, another week I’ll write about a lesson I learned from dating, and so on. There is no way to predict what I will write next. Although I don’t know what topic I will write about in advance.

My posts are 100% inspired. This makes my posts unique to the places where people want to share and read my posts. I started to see growth on my page after I started posting pictures of myself to go with the high profile caption.

Growing up, I never took pictures of myself. When I try to look back, I can only find the photos my parents took of me. I didn’t take any of my own. To change this, I decided to post high quality pictures of myself with each post that goes up. After doing this for over a year, I can look back on my life and be grateful that I can tell you what happened on the photo I was looking at. .

Instagram likes when you show your face. You become more human. I saw my engagement increase by 50% when I started adding my photos. This organic marketing campaign and sharing my content with the Trend Watchers customer list helped me reach 10,000+ followers. When I first started the page, I didn’t know it would make it this far, but by making it public, I’ve gotten the following:

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1. Networking opportunities

To get the most out of online networking, it’s important to have a good profile. Once optimized, start following key people in your industry.

One of my favorite habits is to follow the experts that I meet myself, and they follow me. I also keep my Instagram stories showing my life, and of course by doing this, they remember me. Some of these relationships don’t go anywhere, but this time, they come up with opportunities.

2. Dating Opportunities

About 2-3 times a month, someone slips into my DMs. Most of the time, I take these girls to the first grade so you know, the stories are just amazing. Most of the time, they have the same energy as me, and it’s refreshing to be around someone with a growing mindset. Whether your interest is dating or not, creating an Instagram following my way will help you meet new people and create meaningful relationships.

3. Customer acquisition channel

My Instagram page is also a way for me to get new customers. If I’m selling high-ticket items, I’ll get them to follow me on Instagram to build more trust. They can scroll through my posts, learn more about me and see that I am genuine and honest. This makes it easy to close the sale.

4. Amazing friendship

It’s not just women who suffer from my DMS. All the time, people do the same. Most of these people are not serious, but this time I met the wrong person. When we finish talking, before you know it, we are good friends talking about issues in our business and personal lives. This is probably one of my biggest advantages of writing my trip online.

When I decided to start documenting my journey on Instagram, I did it for fun. I like having my own databases/books that I can look back on and keep going. Little did I know, my journal would become more public and begin to touch lives all over the world. It’s not just about lives, but it’s starting to open doors in all kinds of ways I never imagined.

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If you want to book or keep a logbook, I highly recommend booking your trip online. You’ll be amazed at the people you meet and the opportunities that come your way.


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