Hey Google, can you stop kidding us and release a Pixel tablet? | Tech Reddy


One of the exciting and frustrating things when it comes to writing about technology is the onslaught of leaks that happen every week (or every day). It’s almost impossible to avoid knowing about any potential device or feature that might be on the device. And it’s not limited to just one brand or company, as evidenced by the iPhone 15 features revealed just a month after the iPhone 14’s release.

With the Pixel 6, Google decided to change things up a bit, as it unveiled its new flagship line in August 2021 and tried to release the devices just two months later. It was unexpected, but a calculated move to start building the hype train up to the final reveal.

Most tablets are boring now

Working with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 S Pen

(Image credit: Android Central)

This trend continued in 2022 as the Pixel 7, 7 Pro, Pixel Watch and even the Pixel Tablet were unveiled at I/O ’22. The difference this time is that while the first three of these devices will arrive this year, the Pixel Tablet isn’t scheduled to land until “sometime” in 2023. But instead of just leaving the good enough, Google has gone ahead and even introduced itself. More features coming to a device you can’t buy yet.


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