Has Meghan Markle ‘approved PR’ for Instagram comeback? | Tech Reddy


Meghan Markle is said to be accepting PR from brands before the news hits social media, according to a popular online rumor.

The story began to work on social media after Deuxmoi’s statement, a blind item was released with all the signs pointing to the return of the Duchess of Sussex to Instagram.

Shared on Deuxmoi’s Instagram page for the blind called ‘revealmoi’, the message was sent via email. [email protected] and the theme is a crown emoji.

The post itself: “This famous ginger’s big thing is coming out on social media. Turn on the influencer mode because she’s accepting PR.”

The spokesperson added in an email: “The fashion house I work for has received a positive email stating that we can now offer items that were not previously allowed.”

It’s fair to say that these reports of Meghan joining Instagram or Twitter are still unconfirmed and just rumors from unreliable sources.

Meghan and Prince Harry shut down their ‘Sussex Royal’ Instagram page when they stepped down as members of the royal family in 2020 and moved to the US; Both of them are not present on social media now.


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