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Happy birthday, Shah Rukh Khan

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SRK and family. (from: gaurikhan)

New Delhi:

It’s Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday and we are all his fans. Oh, and if you think we are going to talk about Shah Rukh Khan – the actor, you are not wrong. On his special day, we have decided to focus on Shah Rukh Khan – the born man. There is a reason why SRK is called “King of Romance”. His movie love story with Gauri Khan was rubbish. SRK and Gauri are undoubtedly one of Bollywood’s most loved couples. Well, we can’t skip the main part. They have three children – Aryan, Suhana and AbRam. Anything and everything the Khans do becomes a talking point. From Gauri Khan going back to Coffee And Cranberries show SRK gearing up for his film releases, fans, including us, are looking for details. When SRK decides to show off on social media, things get a little less official (which is good). It should be added that the Instagram exchanges of the actor and his family are very beautiful. So, you know where we’re going. Let’s take a look at some of SRK’s Instagram exchanges with Aryan, Suhana and Gauri

1. You tied the saree yourself

Shah Rukh Khan and Suhana Khan don’t fail to give the father-daughter star a hit. So, when Suhana shared a picture of herself wearing a saree for Manish Malhotra’s Diwali party, Shah Rukh Khan, the doting father, rushed to the comment section and wrote, “The rush of their growth, defy the rules of time… elegance and beauty.” He asked, “Did you tie the saree yourself??!!” To this, Suhana replied, “Shah Rukh Khan, love you. Uhh Gauri Khan worked for me.”

2. Big Time FOMO

It was a “huge FOMO” moment for Shah Rukh Khan when he saw this cute picture featuring Aryan, Suhana and AbRam. He said, “My little Circus – FOMO big time.” Suhana Khan posted a “love you” letter for her father.

3. Why don’t I have these pictures?

Aryan Khan announced his comeback on Instagram with a set of pictures featuring him, Suhana and AbRam. Love can be heard from miles away. The announcement made a lot of noise at the time. SRK said the same. The actor wrote, “Why don’t I have these pictures!!!!!! Give them to me now!” Aryan Khan is just as quick with his perfect response. “I’ll let you know when I post it… maybe a few years haha.”

4. Is that gray T-shirt mine?

It’s hard to get rid of Shah Rukh Khan’s comments under the set of pictures shared by Aryan Khan from a photo. Aryan nailed the street style and how. After rolling the pictures, here’s what SRK had to say. “It looks so good!!… As they say, what is silent in the father… speaks in the son. Yes, that gray T-shirt is mine!” Aryan Khan also came up with an appropriate response. “Your genes and your T-shirt haha,” he wrote.

5. SRK-Gauri Khan’s Banter

Shah Rukh Khan broke the Internet when he shared a shirtless picture of himself sitting on a sofa. Oh boy, she looks lonely in the frame. Label? “I need my coat today: ‘Tum hoti toh kaisa hota…. Tum iss baat pe hairaan hoti, Tum iss baat pe kitni hansti…….Tum hoti toh aisa hota..’ I am also waiting for #Pathaan.” Well, it’s not just the picture and the caption that stole the show here. Read Gauri Khan’s story, please. “Oh God! Now he’s talking to his shirts again…”

Wishing Shah Rukh Khan a very happy birthday.

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