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Enola Holmes 2 Hannah Dodd is a Netflix star on the rise!

It’s not like he’s been tapped to star in the third season of the Netflix original series Bridgerton as Francesca (replacing Ruby Stokes from seasons 1 and 2), but she is also in the Enola Holmes 2the romantic film is believed to be his breakthrough work.

Now is the best time to be a part of Hannah’s growth, and we couldn’t be more excited to help you by telling you everything there is to know about this amazing actress!

Hannah Dodd year

Hannah Dodd was born on May 17, 1995, in Colchester, England. England is currently 27 years old and is a Taurus.

Hannah Dodd high

According to Celebrow, Hannah is about 5 feet 7 inches tall. She has brown eyes and although she is rocking blonde, her hair is just brown.

Hannah Dodd Instagram

Hannah’s Instagram, @hannahfkdodd, has become our new go-to when we need style inspiration. She has many selfies of her wearing to the nines, as well as many pictures of her flawless hair and makeup. But even if he doesn’t get teased, his 127,000 followers will definitely enjoy his lighter posts.

See what Hannah’s swimsuit looks like at London Fashion Week 2022.

That’s a lot more than that! If you want to see more of Hannah, give her Instagram and her Twitter, @hannahfkdodda pursuit for more elegant swings.

Hannah Dodd performs

Bridgerton time 3 and Enola Holmes 2 It’s not only Netflix titles where you can see this star, as she also played a young Sophie Anatomy of a Scandal.

Check him out in the official trailer for the Netflix original below.

We are bound to see him in more shows and movies in the near future. But until then, check out all the titles starring Hannah Dodd below:

  • prostitutes (2018) as Sophia Fitzwilliam
  • Find me in Paris (2018) as Thea Raphael
  • Pandora (2020) as Councilor Jennifer
  • Keep it up (2020) is Sandra
  • Flower in the Roof: The Origin (2022) as Corrine Foxworth

Don’t forget to show Hannah Dodd your support by streaming Enola Holmes 2 on Netflix!


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