Google improves the desktop experience for Android tablet users | Tech Reddy


Google has confirmed that several updates are coming for people using the Workspace platform on Android devices.

The company aims to make it easier for Android users to view peer-to-peer access and organize content, especially on tablet devices.

In September, Google revealed that it will bring different games Android users can play with other participants during a meeting.

In case, Scott Blanksteen, senior director of Android product management, commented:

“We’ve recently introduced a new look and updated Google Workspace apps for larger screens.

“We’re continuing to optimize your favorite Google apps on tablets to make multitasking easier.”

Banner outside the office

When viewing a person’s profile in Google Voice, Calendar, Gmail, and Chat on Android, users can now see a colleague’s status.

An out-of-office banner will be displayed if a user’s settings are active and allow other users to see their current availability status.

Google also says that the banner will show when a person returns from an out-of-office period.

Improvements for larger devices

Google claims that its mission is to “provide a superior user experience on large-screen devices” such as tablets.

The company wants to increase flexibility by giving users more ways to work, display and organize their content through Google Workspace for Android.

As part of this, Google is adding link previews to Sheets to give users context for content without switching apps or screens.

Google has confirmed that the graduate rollout will begin on October 24 and will be completed in about 15 days.

Drag-and-drop improvements have also been made to the Sheets Android app, as users can now drag, copy, and share charts and cell images.


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