Gauff’s Halloween photo gets deleted by Instagram, reposted by Coco | Tech Reddy

Gauff’s Halloween photo gets deleted by Instagram, reposted by Coco

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Coco Gauff, who dressed up as the Moon Knight for Halloween, deleted her costume photos from Instagram the first time she posted them. Later, Gauff released it again. “I promise to protect the night walkers,” Gauff captioned his Halloween photos.

“Instagram deleted I think the first time… so here we are now. I’d like to keep posting like @instagram it’s halloweennnnnnn I want to show off my costume,” Gauff said. To make his request in the spirit of Halloween, Gauff took to Instagram.

“Instagram if you delete this again… count your days. You’re behind Khonshu’s blacklist,” Gauff said.

Who is Moon Knight?

Moon Knight is a MARVEL character made famous by a TV series.

According to IMDB, “the series follows Steven Grant, a mild-mannered gift-store employee who suffers from black magic and memories of another life. Steven discovers that a disease separates him and sharing a body with Marc Spector.

As Steven/Marc’s enemies close in on them, they must navigate their complex identities while grappling with a deadly secret among the powerful gods of Egypt.

After the young tennis star Coco Gauff published a TikTok video showing her walking on the beach in a bathing suit, TikTok sent her post to review. “Why is this being reviewed? TikTok, I’m 18 in a bathing suit,” Gauff replied in the comments section of the video she posted.

@cocogauff this song + the beach = 🫶🏾 ♬ Novacane – sp3dupsounds0

Gauff gets positive feedback from his students. Below you can read some of them:

  • “Omg coco you are so beautiful”
  • “Coco you are a queen”
  • “You are amazing”
  • “You are so beautiful! Love you, Coco!”


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