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(G) I-DLE member Minnie’s Instagram update after the Watermelon Music Awards focused on the internet.

On November 26th, ‘2022 MMA’, organized by Kakao M through his online music store Melon, was held in Seoul. Artists who submitted music between November 8, 2021, and November 3, 2022, were eligible for this year’s awards.

The ‘Top 10 Artists’ were decided by 20% online voting and 80% digital sales, while the main awards were chosen by 20% online voting, 60% digital sales, and 20% scores by the judges, and the category awards were decided by 70% digital sales and 30% jury awards, the popular awards were chosen by 60% online voting and 40% digital sales, and the awards separately the judges decided only the points.

Today, IVE took home the Song of the Year (Daesang) with “Love Dive” and (G)I-DLE won Song of the Year and “Tom Boy“. Both songs competed for Daesang, however, “Tom Boy” lost in the online voting statistics, and many predicted “Love Dive” to win.

Shortly after the award show, however, Minnie hung up “Really? lol” on his Instagram account got mixed reactions from netizens.

More than 800 netizens commented, some of which include: “Fans and the general public went to talk about them but then he decided to shoot himself in the foot…”

(sharing Shuhua’s Bubble messages saying that he is not afraid because he came to defeat Daesang)“We owe him a sign…?”

“I can’t imagine what would happen if it was Wonyoung smh”

“I know he made a mistake, but it’s still sad that he thinks like that. Isn’t that bad for real heroes?”

“this is sojang’s next video lmao”


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