G-Dragon’s recent Instagram posts discussing the recent Itaewon tragedy have divided opinions | Tech Reddy


G-Dragon’s close Instagram The news about the Itaewon tragedy broke the divisive opinion.

G-Dragon was one of the celebrities who expressed their sadness after the tragic deaths of many young people in Itaewon. She took to her own Instagram to post a picture of a daisy flower missing its petals, along with the words, “Pray for Itaewon…29.10.2022”. While G-Dragon’s post appeared to be no different from the posts of other celebrities expressing grief over the recent tragedy, many netizens expressed mixed opinions on G-Dragon’s decision. Dragon to insert a daisy flower shape into its column. Because the daisy flower shape is known as G-Dragon’s personal signature design.

Some netizens thought that G-Dragon didn’t care to include his logo design in a poster that was talking about a bad event. They wrote:

“It looks like he’s using a bad event to promote his brand.”

“He must be perfect [use his brand design]?”

“Even if this is called art?”

“I think for him, another person’s death is another way to express his identity.”

“It’s rare for him to use this for his brand.”

“What did the daisy do to Itaewon?”

Other netizens thought there was nothing wrong with G-Dragon’s post and commented:

“I didn’t really think about G-Dragon’s announcement.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“I have no idea about this.”

“Everything is not good right now. It’s not like that [G-Dragon] did something.”

“Once again, people are saying they don’t like something that isn’t important.”

“Leave him alone, oh.”


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