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The new CW boss is uncertain about the future Arrowverse as DC TV faces network changes. 2022 was probably the worst year yet for the CW’s Arrowverse franchise, which has been in the works since 2012 when executive producer Greg Berlanti launched it. Arrow on the WarnerMedia and Paramount-owned network. As news broke that the two owners were looking to sell The CW, it was the start of many changes for the DC TV franchise at the network. Without ending in cliffhangers, A woman who is a mother and Legends of Tomorrow Both were canceled back in the spring, along with the new DC TV Naomi.


While The CW will have an Arrowverse program in 2023, it will be the lightest season in a very long time. The light season 9 is set to end the series for good, while Superman and Lois Season 3 is underway, but its fate has not yet been announced. The CW is also airing a new DC TV show Gotham Knightsfrom the writers and top producers of A woman who is a mother. However, it will have no ties to the Arrowverse. However, with new owner Nexstar struggling to take The CW in new directions, things were still unclear about the DC TV brand on the network.

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In a new interview no The Hollywood Reporter, Brad Schwartz, who has officially been named as the new president of entertainment for The CW, discusses what they want to do with the channel going forward. When asked about the Arrowverse/DC TV franchise being a part of their future plans, Schwartz gave some specifics about the answer. Schwartz simply says, “I do not know yet.”

What Are the Real Chances of Arrowverse Survival?

Schwartz’s response comes just after The CW confirmed it Stargirl season 4 would not happen, which means the series will end with the upcoming season 3 finale in December. With Superman and Lois which takes place on another Earth in the Arrowverse, The light will be the last series based on Earth-Prime, meaning the franchise lives on with the Clark Kent and Lois Lane-led drama. This time, together Gotham Knights having no relationship with it Superman and Lois or other Arrowverse shows, the actual chances of a franchise are very low. The Arrowverse will be finished in the next few years, if not sooner.

In general, Warner Bros. The acquisition represents a new direction for the DC brand in film and TV with James Gunn and Peter Safran leading DC Studios, and both departments under their management. With a major focus on the DCU (formerly known as the DCEU), there are zero indications that the Arrowverse and the CW side of the TV brand will be part of those plans, suggesting that, even more, the possible end of the franchise. on the network. Time will tell what happens Arrowversebut given DC TV’s current direction on The CW, it’s looking bleaker and bleaker as the network begins to feel the effects of Nexstar’s majority ownership.

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