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In the Friday 9 pm update from the Division of Elections, Senator Lisa Murkowski pulled ahead of Kelly Tshibaka in the first round of counting for the US Senate race. The result can be seen at this link.

Senator Murkowski now sits with 43.32% of the vote. This means that 56.68% of Alaska voters chose someone else in the first round of counting.

Murkowski’s current result is more than one percent less than what voters gave him in 2016, when he won with 44.4% of the vote.

In 2010, Murkowski won with 39.5% of the vote. Murkowski has been the US senator from Alaska since his father in 2002. He won with 48.6% in 2004, his first state election, which was the best he ever did with the voters of Alaska .

This time, however, with the ranked choice vote, he will get another bite of the apple. Voters’ second-choice votes are counted by the Division of Elections on November 23, and Murkowski is expected to take the majority of second-choice voters from Democrat Pat Chesbro to reach more of 50%, which is what is needed to win in the. ranked choice system that was designed by his supporters to ensure his victory this year.

Compared to his victory in 2016, this year Murkowski is far behind in first place votes. In 2016, he received 138,149 votes, with Libertarian Joe Miller receiving 90,825, non-party candidate Margaret Stock getting 41,194 and Democrat Ray Metcalf 36,200.

This year, Democrat Pat Chesbro got 9,326 fewer votes than Democrat Ray Metcalfe got in 2016, when he got 11% of the vote. Chesbro is now at 10.35%.

The results of the 2022 general election will be final on November 23, and the election will be certified on November 29.

Running for the Senate

  • Murkowski 112,519, 43.32%
  • Tshibaka 110,861, 42.68%
  • Chesbro 26,874, 10.35%
  • Kelley 7,484, 2.88%

Home run

  • Peltola 127,364, 48.68%
  • Palin 67,485, 25.79%
  • Begich 61,179, 23.38%
  • Bye 4,521, 1.73%

Governor’s race

  • Dunleavy/Dahlstrom 131,770, 50.34%
  • Race/Cook 63,284, 24.17%
  • Walker/Drygas 54,230, 20.72%
  • Pierce/Grunwald 11,723, 4.48%

In the state Senate races, Anchorage Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar, who ran for Senate Seat J, surpassed the 50%+1 threshold in his East Anchorage district, fending off two other competitors, including Rep. Geran Tarr, and avoid having to go to the runoff. round of counting, via the ranked-choice voting method now in use in Alaska.

  • Dunbar 4,278, 50.02%
  • Satterfield 2,800, 32.74%
  • Tarr 1,432, 16.74%

In the House races, Rep. Neal Foster of District 39 (Name) outlasted challenger Tyler Ivanoff of Shishmaref, in an insurmountable victory for that area, with 1,834, or more than 51.19%. For several days, the two were with 10 votes of each other and by Friday, Foster was only three votes ahead, but after Friday a surprising number of votes was added to his total. Ivanoff has 1,726 votes, 48.17%.

Democrat Andy Josephson in Anchorage has gained even more in absentee and early voting, and is now at 52.42% over Republican challenger Kathy Henslee, 47.44%. It looks like he won another term.

The latest vote count release as of late Friday night includes Region IV – All House district absentees (all counts) received through Thursday and early votes in the Region IV office . In addition, HD 1 and 3-6 (all accounts) until November 15, HD 2 (all accounts) until November 17, they questioned HD 2 and 5 (all accounts) the early votes from the places of Region I early voting.

This report updates a previous report from Friday noon.


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