Dwight Howards calls Shaq ‘disrespectful’ in Instagram Live video | Tech Reddy

Dwight Howards calls Shaq ‘disrespectful’ in Instagram Live video

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Dwight Howard has fired Shaquille O’Neal after the NBA star made ‘disrespectful’ comments about the former NBA champion’s debut in the Taiwan T1 League.

The war of words between the former NBA greats has come after Howard’s first game for the Taoyuan Leopards in Taiwan.

The 36-year-old recorded 37 points, 25 rebounds, and nine assists in his first game.

However, O’Neal took a dig at the former Laker team The Great Podcast he said Howard ‘would have scored 30 points playing against 5ft 8 guys’.

Shaq also organized the Taiwan league into the ‘Life Time Fitness League’.

And apparently, Howard didn’t take the comments too seriously, telling the 50-year-old to ‘stop hating’.

In an Instagram Live video, he said: “This message is for Shaquille O’Neal.

“The first thing I want to say is, stop hating your brother. Stop hating. I didn’t reach out to you about your basketball career, your family, kids, or anything else. Because There is no reason. The world is too big to hate another person.

“Have I made fun of you, imitated your voice, imitated what you see on TV? Everyone does it.

“Artists do it. People do it all the time. And I do it all the time, I do it to everybody. But I don’t hate people.

“So stop hating. I saw a video of you guys talking about me playing basketball in Taiwan, I’m playing in the ‘Life Time Fitness League’. Don’t underestimate my friends in this league and these Taiwanese people are like that. They are very disrespectful and hateful.

“And you are too old to be evil. You are too old to be evil.

“You’re Superman, the original Superman. Shaquille O’Neal. Is the original Superman bad? Is the OG Superman bad? Come on man.”

O’Neal has contradicted Howard before.

After the former Laker team won the NBA title in 2020, Howard made many announcements about winning his first professional championship.

Shaq called Howard ‘jumping a car’ for his role with the Los Angeles team.

Howard is an eight-time NBA All-Star and three-time NBA Player of the Year.

Howard added that he currently sits at 265 pounds but ‘not 390 pounds’.

“You know you have to work hard to get rebounds. And there are many levels in my life,” said Howard.

“I’m not angry. But come on, you’re too old, too old to hate other people.”

SPORTbible reached out to Shaquille O’Neal’s representatives for details.


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