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Instagram, a popular messaging app by Meta, allows users to share photos, videos and videos while following the pages they like. Here’s a guide on how to hide likes and views on your posts and other people.

It’s very simple and easy to hide likes and views on other people’s posts. To do so, simply head to your Instagram profile, click on the three lines at the top right of the page and select the ‘Settings’ section. From there head over to the ‘Privacy’ section and click on Posts. You will see an option to Hide like and view scores. Turn it on and you won’t see a lot of likes and views on other people’s posts.

Instagram users also have the option to choose whether others see more likes and views on their posts. If you want to hide likes and views on a post you share, just tap on Advanced Settings below before sharing the post and click on ‘Hide the image and view the accounts on this post’.

Instagram also has the option to allow users to hide the number of likes and views for the hidden shared. If you want to do so, open the post you want to hide the likes and views that count, tap the three dots menu in the top right of the post and select ‘ Hide as count’.

Meanwhile, legal and privacy experts in India have criticized Instagram’s new feature that asks users for age-verified documents. On Thursday, Meta expanded the age verification trial for Instagram users to India and Brazil. The feature is only available in the US.

Instagram now gives users three options to verify their age – submit an ID, record a personal video, or ask a friend to verify. The feature applies to users who are under 18 years old when they update their birthday on the site. “Verified accounts are a safety net but asking social media users to post identity cards not just personal information but sensitive personal information is not a good idea. In fact the law is clear it’s about the security of that data,” said NS Nappinai, Supreme Court lawyer and founder of Cyber ​​Saathi.

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